Straight 8 x From The Silver Screen

From The Silver Screen have partnered with Straight 8 to create a bespoke collection celebrating 25 years of this most unique filmmaking competition.

Straight 8 began in London in 1999 and has challenged filmmakers around the world to make short films on a single 3 minute cartridge of Super 8mm film with no editing or post-production. Attempting to make cinema in this pure, raw way has created a level playing field which has become a rite of passage for filmmakers of all backgrounds.

Our new bespoke designs reflect the perfectly imperfect filmmaking style that straight 8 champions. All our jewellery is made from the silver harvested from film during processing at Cinelab Film and Digital, who’ve supported Straight 8 since 2016. This limited collection is made with silver that comes from the 200+ films submitted for Straight 8 2024!