From The Silver Screen create jewellery from silver harvested during film processing at Cinelab Film & Digital.


Upon discovering that silver is a by-product of traditional film processing, we wanted to create something with this upcycled precious metal that revels in its provenance.


Our jewellery’s life begins as microscopic silver halide crystals within film. These crystals are fundamental to the photographic process, because when exposed to light, a reaction darkens the film strip to produce the image. Cinelab extract the silver from the film using fixer chemicals, and then go on to use a magnetised current to separate the metal from this chemical mixture. Once refined, you are left with silver in its purest form. Too malleable as solid silver, the metal is then alloyed, to create the industry standard sterling silver, which the jewellery is created from.


In 2013, some in the industry were predicting the imminent demise of celluloid film. However, that year a group of creative and technically brilliant film and post-production experts decided to swim against the stream and founded Cinelab. Their passion and knowledge has since led to the modernisation of film laboratory processes and film production services.


Almost a decade later the aesthetic allure of celluloid persists. Its qualities adored by cinematographers of all genres. Through the commitment and craft of the team at Cinelab, they have helped play a huge part in supporting the resurgence of shooting on film.


Cinelab Film & Digital is now the only UK company offering full-service film laboratory and digital dailies services. From pre-production through to deliverables, all under one roof.





From The Silver Screen are proud to be donating profits to MediCinema.


5% of all profits go to this fantastic charity, dedicated to bringing the transformative power of cinema to hospitals.


They do this by building, installing and running cinemas, which are specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs and hospital beds, whilst maintaining a real and immersive cinema experience for patients and their families.


Read more about the charity on their website.