Sound Pendant

Sound Pendant

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As we all know with the famous “silent films”, for the first decades of film history, sound didn’t exist. Developed in Germany around 1919, the Tri-Ergon was one of the earliest systems patented for recording sound onto the same film strip as the photograph. The inventors used 42mm film to incorporate a sound track alongside the visuals of the standard 35mm stock. Today, the most typical method of recording analog sound on film strips is by stereo variable-area (commonly known as Dolby Stereo) developed in the 1970s. Two channels of audio signal are recorded as a pair of lines running along the film.

925 sterling silver, harvested from film processing at Cinelab UK

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All our jewellery is hallmarked at Goldsmith's Company Assay Office, guaranteeing the precious metal is of the finest standard. From The Silver Screen's personal hallmark is also applied to each piece.

Authentic 16mm Film Can Jewellery Box

Not only is our silver upcycled from its special origins, but so too is the packaging! All of our Film Firsts jewellery will come encased in an original 16mm film can, for another cinema keepsake. This repurposed, sheet metal tin would have been holding real film stock from a production shot within the last year.


18mm x 12mm x 3mm