RGB Bracelet
RGB Bracelet
RGB Bracelet

RGB Bracelet

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In the early days, filmmakers used laborious methods to apply colour to film, with stencilling, or hand colouring each frame! The Kinemacolor process was revolutionary, using red and green filters on alternating frames to simulate various shades of colours. However, it still failed to represent the full spectrum of colour. Then came the glorious tri-colour technicolour making full colour representation possible. The RGB colour model aligns with a solid theory of human’s perception of colours. Trichromacy is the possessing of three independent channels for conveying colour information, derived from the three different types of cone cells in the eye.

925 sterling silver, harvested from film processing at Cinelab UK

Head to Cinelab's portfolio to see what films they've processed this year!

All our jewellery is hallmarked at Goldsmith's Company Assay Office, guaranteeing the precious metal is of the finest standard. From The Silver Screen's personal hallmark is also applied to each piece.

Authentic 16mm Film Can Jewellery Box

Not only is our silver upcycled from its special origins, but so too is the packaging! All of our Film Firsts jewellery will come encased in an original 16mm film can, for another cinema keepsake. This repurposed, sheet metal tin would have been holding real film stock from a production shot within the last year.


Gems are garnet, topaz and peridot. Please note there will colour variation for each individual gem.

20mm x 5mm x 3mm