16mm Drop Earrings
16mm Drop Earrings
16mm Drop Earrings

16mm Drop Earrings

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Kodak introduced 16mm film in 1923, as a less expensive alternative to 35 mm film for amateurs and lower budget motion pictures. 16 mm refers to the width of the film strip. Though originally considered an inferior format, before long 16mm was being used professionally and in television production. In recent years, 16mm has enjoyed a real revival, with many high-end productions wanting the nostalgic aesthetic.

925 sterling silver, harvested from film processing at Cinelab UK

Head to Cinelab's portfolio to see what films they've processed this year!

Authentic 16mm Film Can Jewellery Box

Not only is our silver upcycled from its special origins, but so too is the packaging! All of our Film Firsts jewellery will come encased in an original 16mm film can, for another cinema keepsake. This repurposed, sheet metal tin would have been holding real film stock from a production shot within the last year.


Front: 7mm x 4mm

Back: 14mm x 2mm